We added color mixing work to our classroom where the children learn to make different colors by using three primary colors.  In a systematic process, they are held responsible for setting up, identifying the colors, mixing them, and cleanup.

We also added a hammering work where they use a hammer and nails to fasten together pattern blocks.   This has become a favorite!  Placing the hammer on the small spot where the nail is located is difficult for little hands!  If they miss, they could pinch their fingers.  This provides the foundation for fine motor control, which will be used in handwriting and cursive in upper levels.

We also have a silver polishing and brass polishing work on the shelf now.  Montessori classrooms work on developing patience in the young students.  It calms their energy and refocuses them, to learn to work with meaning.

The children are also enjoying the new classroom!  Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped us move over Winter Break.