During the month of October, the Upper Elementary students were completely absorbed in preparation for the Govardhan Puja Festival! Scroll down for pictures!

They read the stories of the pastimes places on the Hill.  They teamed up, and made summaries of each place.  They created Power Point presentations with the location, map, story behind it and personal perspective on each particular pastime they had studied.  They wrote out a skit and practiced presenting that to the Class.

In addition, we worked on memorizing the very long, but beloved Damodarastakam prayers.  They created maps of their locations on the Hill and finally made a paper-mache Govardhan Hill.

On the actual Day, November 14th, students worked hard!  They finished painting and decorating the temples, packed Halava and sweets on the Hill and decorated the kundas, groves and forests on Govardhan.  Please go to Govardhan Hill Festival to see the final results of their hard work.

We pray to Sri Giriraj Govardhan, that he allow us to completely absorb our minds in His service, each and every year.   Engaging the student’s minds and intellect in studying about Krishna, creates powerful leaders of society, who understand that real intelligence is to know Krishna.

Here are pictures of the preparations.