On November 6th, 2011, TKG Academy Gurukula and Sunday School combined efforts to celebrate the Sri Govardhan Puja festival. Students prepared skits and songs, taking the audience on a parikrama pilgrimage of Govardhan Hill, and displaying Krishna’s pastimes at each place.

His Holiness Rtadhava Swami, His Grace Vishvambhar Prabhu, Her Grace Sucharya Mataji and His Grace Nityananda Prabhu were our honoredguests. The Govardhan Hill was carefully crafted by Mother Laxmipriya’s high school students, under the guidance of Melanie Mataji. It was complete with kundas, temples, forests, animals and even flags! Rtadhvaja Swami said this was the most beautiful Hill he had ever seen!

Students sung Damodarastakam, accompanied by violin, flute, harmonium and mridanga. Younger students sang traditional Govardhan Puja songs. fervor. Different classes enacted skits, including The Appearance of Radha Kund, The Boatman of Manasi Ganga, and The Appearance of Govinda Kunda. Faces in the audiences sparkled with wonder, experiencing Krishna’s pastimes through these depictions. The program culminated in an offering of sweets made by the Sunday School students and a delicious traditional feast cooked by all the Gurukula parents.

Engaging our students in Vaishnava festivals, giving students opportunities to display their work and enthusing the community by such festivals is vital to TKG Academy. Thank you to all parents, teachers and students who worked hard to make the festival a success.