The Annual Summer “Krishna Camp” 2012 was held from June 11 to June 22nd, for two full weeks.  40 students, ages 3 to 15 enjoyed learning and playing in a full day of Krishna conscious educational activities.

The theme was Lord Ramachandra and his pastimes, from His Birth all the way to Luv-Kush’s meeting with him.

Each day started with japa meditation and yoga. Teachers read from the full Ramayan story, taught verses from the Srimad Bhagavatam and discussed the different elements of the pastimes.  Younger students made arts and crafts to go along with the story, while older students wrote mini-essays every single day, narrating the section of the story they had studied in detail.

Students made a variety of Rama related activities.  They made Rama and Sita dolls, felt purses, Vyasasanas for King Ram, Hanuman Clubs, Bows and Arrows, flower baskets, frames for a Lord Ram picture, a Ramachandra Timeline, Ram T-shirts and much more!

Students practiced a drama on the beginning pastimes of Lord Rama and young girls practiced a dance.  They learned the “Vibhavari Sesa” song and learned the meanings of the words.

All in all, students and teachers had a blast!  They danced, played games, painted, did water activities, and so much more!

On the last day, the whole group took a field trip to the Nature and Science Museum as a finale to an amazing two full weeks.

Many thanks to Mother Rasakeli and her team for organizing such a wonderful Many thanks to Mrudangi Mataji, Ira mataji, Gopi Gita Mataji, Adi Shakti Mataji, Surekha Mataji and Sarika Mataji for their assistance.  Many thanks to all the parents for helping with cooking and transportation.