World renowned kirtan leader, His Grace Gaura Vani Prabhu visited TKG Academy in the first week of school.

He sat right on the floor with all 23 students, completely at home with the kids. He introduced himself as a former Gurukula student and a father. One by one, the children introduced themselves himself. He was so relatable and the kids loved him!

He started a kirtan and pointed to individual students, encouraging them to take turns leading. Then he answered questions. When one student asked, “Where have you traveled in the world?” Gauravani began naming countries. On and on, so many countries! The kids laughed and laughed.

He also told an amazing story of Hanuman. With sparkles in their eyes and their mouths open in amazement, the students leaned forward, anticipating each word! It was a very exciting beginning to the school year for all the students and teachers at TKG Academy.

We are grateful for his visit and we hope to see him soon!