Here are some beautiful moments in the Early Childhood classroom, where, under the guidance of Mother Kalindi, students choose their work, stay completely immersed and systematically develop skills of practical life, and literacy. Above, Chaitanya Charan focuses on a fractions work and Grady receives a lesson on the Map of the World. We sing the Continents song and place them on the Control Map.

Tulasi works with Colored Beads and numbers. Dauji works with the flags of North America.

Grady cuts and prepares mango snacks for his classmates. Kairava is working on the Beginning Reading Object box. She reads the CVC words on the labels and matches them to the corresponding object.

Dauji researches about the animals of Africa. Kavachi finishes the parts of the horse.


Kavachi works with the teens. Remuna finishes parts of the fish.


Chaitanyacharana works with the Parts of the Frog. Along with learning the names of the various body parts of a frog, he is developing his organizational skills by keeping his work neat on his rug. Dauji prepares snack using an apple corer, peeler and slicer. He rinses the fruit, prepares and offers it for his classmates.

Kanhaiyya polishes a silver lamp. Tulasi works with glass polishing They are strengthening their fingers (fine motor skills needed for writing) as well as developing a practical skill. They are engaged in purposeful work helping them feel a part of the community as well as a sense of accomplishment. How rewarding to see a tarnished lamp start to shine from your efforts!

Chaitanya Charana has traced all the shapes using the Metal Insets. He now fills in the shapes and writes the names.