Behind his mother’s skirt, a shy little boy is hiding. It’s his first day of school – ever! Especially after more than a year of living through a pandemic, being isolated. Coming to a new place, meeting new people.

But, what a surprise! It only took a couple of days, and now he runs to school, leaving mommy behind. He’s ready. So ready!
These young children thrive in the company of other children. The social skills they learn are invaluable.

The Early Childhood classroom is a place to discover. Discover yourself, your abilities, your interests. Discover new friends, new ways of dealing, sharing, taking turns. Discover nature, plants, animals, the world. Discover sounds, symbols, shapes, colors, numbers, letters. Discover the joy of reading, counting, singing. Discover new stories. Discover Krishna, and my relationship with Him. Discover boundaries and how to find my personal freedom within them. Discover choice and ownership of my learning.

In their Nature Study, among other things, our 14 little scholars have been studying seeds, closely observing and recording their growth. They’ve compared the distance various animals – and humans – can cover in a single jump.

You can see the excitement in their eyes and in their voices. You can hear the wonder in their questions. There is so much to learn!