Nurturing the sparks of desire of our youngest students to engage in loving devotional service (bhakti) to Krishna is at the forefront of the spiritual program established in the Early Childhood classroom by Mother Kalindi.  At this delicate age, children practice seeing Krishna as their dearmost friend and get to worship Him as Gopal in the classroom, whenever they choose. Bhakti practices shown below, are set as Montessori works for students to choose as part of their daily routines. Take a look at these young ones completely immersed. 

Kairava offers Aarti. The children have been really enjoying using real items! They love to offer a real lamp with the ghee wicks they made themselves. Dauji and Braj discuss the various items offered to Krishna when performing Aarti and why. They learn about inviting a guest to their home and how we offer different things that are pleasing to all the senses, helping the guest feel most comfortable.

Parth grinds tilak to use in polishing and bathing the deity. Tulasi offers Arati.

Remuna dresses Gopal.  Kairav and Grady wash dishes after snack.

Grady performs yoga, using Yoga cards. Braj strings beads to make a necklace for Gopal.

For Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance day the children made paper flower strips with notes of affection to their spiritual grandfather. “I love you.” “I love your saffron dhoti.” Dauji performs the full arati.

Kairava polishes brass arati trays. Kavachi practices his sewing skills.

Grady and Caitanyacharan cut bananas for their snack offering. Students learn how to cut, peel and prepare food items using real utensils.  Braj makes garlands with flowers, needle and thread.