The Bachani family has been a generous supporter of TKG Academy for almost a decade now. When I reached out to Shalini, asking why they choose to donate to our school, she shared the following response:

“Our family has followed TKG Academy closely for the past few years and we admire this wonderful institution that has been and is shaping the future of many young learners!

Eagerly we await Facebook videos of the happenings in classrooms and these never fail to make us smile.

I have been a Montessori teacher for 15 years and as I see the action unfold at TKG Academy, it makes me think that Maria Montessori must be proud! Every lesson, every piece of material, every moment spent working is worthy of going down in the Montessori Hall of Fame as a gem.

The kids’ shining smiles, their laughter, their eagerness to learn, is an inspiration to my family. Their Science Fairs have been so educational and as we observe these young ones explaining their projects, one can’t help but think of how great a springboard they have at TKG Academy in terms of their academic and personal success.

TKG Academy fully supports learners’ physical, emotional, and social development and steers them in the right direction when it comes to teamwork, supporting one another and helping encourage everyone around. One cannot stress enough as to how well this hands-on curriculum, suited to all ages and stages, propels these young ones and gets them ready for the real world!

Of highest regard is the fact that the teaching is scripture-based in many ways. TKG Academy’s teachers have woven the art of practicing Bhakti Yoga into the daily curriculum. They truly imbibe Krishna consciousness as a way of life! We await the kirtan videos from “Spiritual Fridays”. The students are actively engaged in temple and community services. Their stage performances are cleverly crafted and very entertaining with a moral that is delivered very effectively. These young learners are set in their sadhana as they have these values ingrained at such an early age.  

What we have mentioned here is just the tip of the iceberg. There are no words to describe how proud we are of the young ones who are a part of this wonderful school and all their endeavors and achievements. 

Our family prays that Sri Sri Radha Kalachandji keep this dear school in His loving care.

Warmly, Shewak, Shalini, Rhea, and Coco Bachani”