“Spring cleaning” is a much more common concept, but with the school year’s schedule the summer suits us best. Despite the heat and other more tempting adventures for the summer, we took upon ourselves the mission of improving the facilities at TKG Academy.

The first task to tackle was the shed and other storage areas. We felt lighter as we cleared space and more efficient as we organized the materials stored there.

In the course of the years that pass, the amount of mulch in the playground area was gradually dwindling. Finally, by the end of last school year, the children have all gathered the remains and built a “Govardhana Hill”. We took it as a sign that it was time to invest in new mulch and so we began clearing the space. Soon new mulch was delivered and spread. The grounds are looking great!

Some repairs were needed as well and inside the building some fresh paint was due; new shelving, new hooks, and many other “touch-ups”. Furniture replaced, new curtains hung, computers updated, and the temple room got a make-over. The classrooms all got rearranged and refreshed. The building finally looks ready to welcome back our families.

We deeply thank all those who came forward to offer a helping hand: Rupa Madhurya Prabhu (who also donated a new sound bar!), Vraja Kishor, Nitai Pran, Bhismadeva Prabhu, Gopal Prabhu, Mathuranatha Prabhu & Francisco, Prema Sindhu Prabhu (for his donation), Krishna Mangala Mataji, Brittany, and all the staff members.