IMG_20160210_155141067Handymen are very handy! And Rick Baker is one such man. When we sent a message to the parents, asking for their assistance with keeping the deities’ washing cloths clean, Rick immediately volunteered. But Tarannum Mataji was faster and got that service already. We then suggested that Rick take care of the children’s cloths. Rick decided to take it to the next level. He went and purchased a couple of hygiene (touch-free) paper towel dispensers and installed them in the bathrooms too!

Quinn and Conor’s family have been helpful on many levels and often endow us with gifts. Just this past Holiday Season, their mother, Kat, sent boxes filled with paint, poster boards, construction paper and printing paper. She also donated a Chrome Book from her work.

We are very grateful for your help and contributions. Your family is such a blessing! Thank you.