We hear excited shrieks coming out of the Middle Elementary Classroom today.  A “spotted leopard gecko” has visited the classroom.  His name is “Gil-Phil”.  He’s climbing up the students and has even leapt to the ground!

Gil-Phil was adopted by the Kelley family from Mathuranath Prabhu.  He had almost died, but TKG Academy student, Gopal Chandra, age 8 and his family, rescued him and nurtured him back to life.

Why has he come to visit?  The students have begun the year with a Desert Unit.  They are studying different features of desert animals; behavioral and physical adaptations.  How is it that they survive in such a hostile environment?

Krishna loves each and every living entity, in such a personal way, that he has made every living entity different and unique.  Each of these differences are for a very specific purpose.  These traits protect each animal in this intense environment.

Did you know?  Geckos have sticky feet to help them stay on the sandy ground, during a sand storm.  Elephants have large ears that flap, to keep themselves cool in the desert heat.  Meercats have dark circles around their eyes to cut down the sun’s glare and enable them to see.  Zebra’s have stripes to confuse predators, like lions, when in a group.

Students researched, re-wrote, illustrated and compiled their list of facts about fifteen desert animals.  They created Mini Books.  Take a look!

When Gil-Phil arrived, Gopal lovingly placed the timid lizard in each willing child’s lap.  We saw camouflage, feet, and other physical traits up close and in person.  We chanted Hare Krishna to it and students felt the Unit literally come to life.