His Holiness Rtadhvaja Swami visited the TKG Academy on September 27th 2013.   Students and teachers alike look forward to his regular visits.

Students made garlands for him.  The younger students making theirs out of pretty craft flowers and yarn.  As he led kirtan, everyone sang along with enthusiastic voices.

Maharaj knows how to immediately place the students at ease, answering their questions with silly loving and silly answers.  He’s so personal in his attention, knowing many of the kids since they were born.

He read two books from Mother Urmila’s Learn to Read series.  To ensure that the students were paying attention, he changed key words in the story as he read along.  Krishna and Radha went down the path to the ‘garbage can’.  “No no!  Not gaarbage caan!” Priyatama exclaimed.  Students had to fill in the blanks.  They all laughed and laughed and read and read, while Maharaj humourously described the different stories and tested their prior knowledge.

We can’t wait till he comes again!