I’m glad the Middle School students are learning Texas History this year and not World History, because I don’t think we would take a trip to Europe right now. But we can certainly explore our local state, and so we did.

A few Middle School students, along with some younger ones, took advantage of our time in El Paso to explore nearby historical sites. Our journey began with a steep climb up the Aztec Cave Trail. Honestly, that was more for the sake of having fun and getting some exercise, but what’s a better way to explore the “Mountains and Basins” region than to climb a mountain?


A visit to the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Cultural Center was very informative. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the museum, but you can imagine all the Native American artifacts and handiwork we’ve seen. Of course, a not-so-quick dash to the giftshop was a must! Here, too, we found beautiful craftmanship and left with souvenirs.

What’s next? A trip to Austin, our state capital, and the Alamo, the famous battleground of the Texas Revolution of 1836. But we’ll keep those for another day. Stay tuned!