“If I’m an eternal spirit soul, and I came from Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, then where did He come from? When and where did it all begin?…” One student asked. “How do the great saints have spiritual experiences while still in this body?” asked another. “Is the Vrindavan in India the same as the one in the Spiritual World?” another question came. Questions form the foundation of our scriptures. Questions humbly presented before a spiritual teacher allow us to learn and explore further; they increase our understanding and faith.

We are fortunate to have spiritual guides who are readily available and eager to hear our queries. We are fortunate to hear their wise and realized replies. More specifically, we are so fortunate that H.H. Rtadhvaja Swami came to visit with us and addressed our doubts, clearing our confusion. His friendly demeanor and jolly mood put us at ease and encourages us along the path.