Preschoolers are working on learning how to take care of themselves and their environment. They are turning into a flower from a little bud. We start our day with “Om namo bhagvate vasudevaya” and then sing songs or listen to the story or color some beautiful picture, or play a game.

Later we start circle time where we discuss the days of the week through a song and also counting the days. We are working on first set of letters SMAT, which is introduced to children as a game where they learn what letter makes what sound,  how to write the letters, and some words from those sounds.They are allowed to choose the specific works created for them to learn phonics, numbers, motor skills , gross motor skills, prewrititng skills, sensorial skills, and practical life.

During snack time we put our placemats with our snack boxes open, we say a prayer to thank the Lord for giving us wonderful prasad and then honor the prasad. We go out and enjoy playing with everyone in the school.

When we come back we have math circle where we learn 1-10 enumeration, this work has been also presented to them in a game format where every child picks up numbers and then count that many bears and put on them. Later we try practicing writing those number on a apple tree or flower or car or some shape they wish.

After we sing our songs “Nursery Rhythms” Our favorite nursery rhythm is “Wheels on the bus go round and round…”. We have story telling time where teacher tells the story to all the children. We have special work time, where we learn yoga, PE, art, music, crafts etc.

It is time to go home…..