In 3rd Grade, we’ve begun a detailed study of English Grammar.  The focus this month has been Capitalization.  Do you know how many capitalization rules there are for the English language?  Proper nouns, uncles & aunts names, names of languages, streets, buildings, professions, parks, cities, states, and so much more!  Tons to remember!

To help student remember the long list of rules for Capitalization, we took the list from the Easy Grammar Workbook and built sentences using Grammar Cards.   Wacky and weird sentences.  With a whole variety of common and proper nouns, students had to decide which words would be capitalized and which lowercase.  They paired these nouns with exciting action verbs.  They partnered up, wrote the sentences and shared them with the class.

Some examples:
“The gorilla in the Empire State Building tumbled down the stairs.”  (I smile just thinking of their gleeful laughs as we all pictured a gorilla tumbling.)

“The owl and the polar bear got lost in Detroit.”

When their sentences were built, we shared them!  We made long imaginative stories with each one!  What fun it was!  Take a look above!