Reading Raceway Report:  1st grade is on Step 23 or 32 steps.  Looking Good!  We’re moving along with words such as – why, flower, ground, new, queen.  The underlined sounds are the focus.  So parents point out words that you’all use or see which have these sounds.  Playing rhyming games with words that have the key sounds is a fun way to practice too.

Spelling for both 1st and 2nd grades is now on the menu.  You will be seeing a weekly list which will serve as a word bank for our daily quizzes.  10 words a day for 1st.  5 more for 2nd.  Some the 1st’s like to try out the upper classes’ words to see how they do.  We’ve been doing practice quizzes for a few weeks.  The students really like them.  They say its “fun”, “sometimes challenging”.  We even have classroom spelling bees.