For the Spiritual Friday program, students bathe & dress all the school Deities, taking turns with performing arati, preparing and completing the bhoga offering and leading kirtan. The practices are as established in temples worldwide for the adults. This program gives the chance for the children to establish a personal relationships with the Supreme Personality of Godhead – to see God as their dear friend and master, Who will always protect and nourish them.

This past Spring, we’ve had a few surprises!. The young pujaris who choose the week’s outfits are different than those who bring flowers. For three weeks in a row, without any prior coordination, the flowers were the exact same colors as the color of the new outfits chosen for the Deities. Coincidence, much? We think not. Lord Jagannath was choosing His own flowers and inspiring parents to go buy the colors He wanted. Simple explanations of mysticism are easy for children to understand and their hearts were filled with wonder.