When the pandemic forced us all to learn from home, we had already started the Biology: Plants Science Unit.  Each year, students investigate Krishna’s world of plants through experiments and researching from books.  They follow a seed’s path as it grows from an embryo to a fully grown plant.

This year was no different, except they did it at home and are sharing their progress through Flipgrid videos and pictures!  First, they planted their seeds in ziploc bags and kept detailed Lab Reports of growth and changes.

1.  Unit Bhagavad Gita Verses – Each Science unit is tied to different verses to connect transcendental knowledge with their academic studies. The Sanskrit words of Krishna manifest in their hearts as they watch the seeds transform into plants and process through the 6 stages of consciousness:  birth, growth, maintenance, reproduction, dwindling and death.

Teacher Video:  BG 3.13: Offer your plants (vegetables, seeds, stems and more) to Krishna.
Student Responses:  Take a look at 3rd grader Gandharvika’s video response.


The next week, we learned 14.4 – how Krishna is the Seed Giving Father.
Teacher Video: BG 14.4: Seed- Giving Father
Student Response: Check out 1st grader Gaurang’s video response.

2. Caring for Plants
Since Gardening classes were on hold, Salagram Prabhu, the head of Kalachandji’s Community Garden, gave plants for each Elementary student to personally care for in their homes.

All the students enthusiastically responded!  Here’s 2nd Grader Devaki’s response.

3.  Chart a Bean Seed’s growth

Our unit started with planting bean seeds in a bag. But all the stores were out of beans! We had looked everywhere!  Finally after two weeks, we found black beans. Here, 1st grader Veda shares her work. 

4. Detailed Flower Craft

Students learned the parts of a plant and painted beautiful flowers with a technique called Watercolor Shading.  It was a three step process.  They made Plant Life Cycle Wheels and wrote the sequence of events in the life cycle.  At the end, they had beautiful flowers to offer to Krishna.

There’s so much more to share!  Check out part 2 – Flower Investigations.