Nrtya Kishori writes about the latest Field Trip with the Preschool-Kindergarten Class.

field trip

“Do you love animals?” asked Masai Maggie.  “Yes!” called out a big crowd of 2-5 year olds, among whom were our very own TKG Academy Pre-school and Kindergarten students.  On August 29th, they had taken a field trip to Bookmarks, a Dallas Public Library at North Park Mall.


field trip2

For the next 30 minutes, all the students were engrossed in the stories, puppets, and fun.  The “Wild About Reading” program included the story “Stand Back,” Said The Elephant, “I’m Going To Sneeze!” by Patricia Thomas, performed with various animal puppets, with a water-spraying elephant as the star.  Lots of giggles and participation.  The children had a blast.