Praveena Vajja is a beautiful dancer who makes others dance; not only figuratively. When I think of Praveena, I think of her bright smile and warm heart. She is truly a generous person, always thinking of others. Even during the most challenging and trying times, she remains strong, fixed in her faith, and focused on giving. She seeks opportunities to share, not only financially, but above all, spiritually. Praveena always considers how she can benefit others and bring them closer to Krishna. 

In 2017, though living far, Praveena decided to enroll her daughter Amulya at TKG Academy. For a whole year she and her husband, Manohar, drove Amulya through rush hour traffic and made elaborate arrangements to allow her to attend our school. Eventually, the long commute took its toll. But Praveena remains grateful for that year and credits TKG Academy for Amulya’s spiritual strength. “It is because of Amulya’s faith that she has been able to stay strong during tough times and also continue to inspire her older brother, Amar,” she shares. “The reason I love to give back to TKG Academy is due to my belief in academics revolving around faith.”

Though a monthly donor since 2016, as well as a contributor to our first expansion phase that year, Praveena continues to think of how she could increase her support: “I should do fundraisers for TKG Academy through dance performance.”

Praveena, you’re an inspiration on so many levels! We are so grateful for you!