IMG_20160128_103608139Our dear 4th grader, Rasalila Shinde, has recently participated in a national “I Spy Kindness” writing contest and won first prize for the 3rd – 5th grade category. She wrote an essay describing acts of kindness she has witnessed and experienced in her life.

The “Be Kind People Project” wrote: “Her essay stood out because of her ability to see kindness in the smallest action (helping ducklings cross the street), to a global response (fundraising for flooding in Mayapur, India). It is clear that Rasalila sees kindness as an empathetic choice rather than a decision worthy of reward or praise. She gives me great hope for the future.”IMG_20160128_122850

We warmly congratulate her for her accomplishment. Well done! (edit)

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One Response to “Spying Kindness”: Rasalila Shinde Wins National Writing Contest

  1. Archana Anil says:

    Congratulations Rasalila… You are so kind as your parents.Keep it up!

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