If you find yourself, as a parent, spending much time and effort coming up with various engagements and gadgets for your children, you should have seen our group of 30 students, ages 4 to 14, happily and deeply absorbed for over an hour in playing and creating with what you would normally call “trash”!

John Bush, the father of our student Ember, is the owner of Adbongo, a resource efficiency consulting business. What you consider your garbage and scraps, he sees as endless possibilities of creations.  In his pocket, he carries a wallet made of juice boxes. The soles of his shoes are made of tires. He came to our school to present his ideas and increase awareness for reusing and repurposing waste. With him he brought a wreath made of what you’d simply call “junk”. Within minutes, all the children were busy creating, constructing, painting, cutting, gluing. “The only limitation is your imagination” John said. One student, inspired by this idea, went home and gathered some boxes to create a model of “TKG Academy” building.

We are hoping together to improve our use of our resources and reduce the waste. Certainly, we will not look at trash the same way again…

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  1. Praveen Sudarsanam says:

    That’s amazing can you please share with us one photos and some ways you may do it.

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